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Celtics Power Trio

4 team stands proud of their legacy and the 2008 NBA playoff feels like Bird-Wilkins, Bird-Thomas, and Bird-Magic era again sans Larry Bird. Celtics is 1-up against Pistons and if they will not lose any home game they’ll quench their title thirst since the Bird era at least for the eastern conference. The mean’ green Big 3 has shown inconsistencies compared to the old trio (of Bird, Parish and McHale) and odds are not favoring them to win the ring even if they beat Motor City and a perfect playoff home record is not guarantee. Two west team that can win road game will be blocking their path, the evenly match-up Lakers and Spurs is a tough call even a coin toss would not do justice. My prediction? I see L.A. Lakers in the finals even though defending and aging champion Spurs can still win road game come crunch time.

Winning the trophy? Even the best NBA record 66-16 cannot match Kobe and his reliables but just seeing the Celtics & Lakers in the finals relives the 80s rivalry, which for me one is the best decade in NBA history. Boston Red Sox has broken the Bambino curse if the Celtics lose they can blame it on the leprechaun.


A $200 per barrel is a possible scenario if you ask speculators and stock brokers, indeed fuel prices will pump up but the scary reality here is we’re all addicted to fuel we’ re like coke heads whose life will astray without daily snort. The ailing US economy still bully and the demise to their greediness (with subprime borrowings) long been speculated finally a reality. They’re hell bent on regaining what they’ve lost by looking at other commodities at world market where they could gain if price jacked-up – commodities like rice, wheat, corn and soy. Damn these people!

Speaking of fuel addiction, in Naga City alone even without hard proof I can say that motorcycle sales and plying the street have quadrupled over the last few years. What’s in it for us? More fuel demand, more price hike as it is all connected and more emission to ozone layer. The global warming issue has fallen to deaf ears media giants like CNN or ABS-CBN have been campaigning for it daily. People don’t seem to care anymore yet we’re still struck by what happened at Myanmar or China or its Mother Nature way of eliminating expendables.

SOLUTION? My 2-cents worth would be an initiative by LGU to campaign (yes, the best they could do for now) non-fuel efforts by citizens like BICYCLE, carpool and walk short distances destination. Mayor Jesse is such an influence to Nagueños if only we could (seriously) start with City Hall employees then perhaps people would notice and follow later. Maximize the use of PLASTICS! Recycle shopping bags. Yes, these are miniscule effort but if 100,000 constituents are doing it then it’s a whole different city.

Art: Adi Granov Photo: Wikipedia

After watching it on widescreen yesterday IRONMAN became my personal best superhero flick by far and casting Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man was the perfect choice. Probably my next best will be Guillermo del Toro’s HELLBOY and the last Christopher Nolan’s BATMAN (Begins) caper. I prefer darker undertone which X-MEN (for me) failed to achieve. Other film such as Daredevil, Elektra, Fantastic Four and Superman lacks intensity. I would love to see a WOLVERINE movie in 3D because Hugh Jackman is too lanky and good-looking as Logan and only CG will be able to do justice. Media hype can lead to box office triumph just like the mega success of TRANSFORMERS and SPIDERMAN. Few supes film are coming out in the next months but quite frankly these films would have not been visually entertaining if not for ILM and the rest of CG firm/people in Hollywoodland.