Fuel junkie

A $200 per barrel is a possible scenario if you ask speculators and stock brokers, indeed fuel prices will pump up but the scary reality here is we’re all addicted to fuel we’ re like coke heads whose life will astray without daily snort. The ailing US economy still bully and the demise to their greediness (with subprime borrowings) long been speculated finally a reality. They’re hell bent on regaining what they’ve lost by looking at other commodities at world market where they could gain if price jacked-up – commodities like rice, wheat, corn and soy. Damn these people!

Speaking of fuel addiction, in Naga City alone even without hard proof I can say that motorcycle sales and plying the street have quadrupled over the last few years. What’s in it for us? More fuel demand, more price hike as it is all connected and more emission to ozone layer. The global warming issue has fallen to deaf ears media giants like CNN or ABS-CBN have been campaigning for it daily. People don’t seem to care anymore yet we’re still struck by what happened at Myanmar or China or its Mother Nature way of eliminating expendables.

SOLUTION? My 2-cents worth would be an initiative by LGU to campaign (yes, the best they could do for now) non-fuel efforts by citizens like BICYCLE, carpool and walk short distances destination. Mayor Jesse is such an influence to Nagueños if only we could (seriously) start with City Hall employees then perhaps people would notice and follow later. Maximize the use of PLASTICS! Recycle shopping bags. Yes, these are miniscule effort but if 100,000 constituents are doing it then it’s a whole different city.

  1. auggie said:

    The City Mayor should pass an ordinance banning those large gas-guzzling vehicles ( Pajero, Expedition, Escape, Pathfinder, SUVs, Pic-kups etc.) to enter City limits, They are an abomination, particularly now that we are conserving precious fuel. Only small-engined vehicles should enter the city, those 1300 and down, they are more economical and efficient….

    To stave -off famine and the high price of rice, all able bodied citizens should try to plant fruit bearing trees, root crops, vegetables etc. in lots that are nakatiwang-wang lang lang. The poor and the unemployed should consider on sterilization from the health centers because they constitute a big social problem. The Church would not feed them if push comes to shove. Young couples who can afford children, should also limit their children to two. The world isn’t getting better. Maherac kamo sa mga aqui nindo !

  2. This generation has consumed their share of world resources but perhaps the worst social contributor is the ever increasing population. We’re now approximately 6.6 billion globally with China and India combined at 37%. Imagine the geographical disparity of USA(304M/#3) vs. Philippines (89M/#12). Or simply look at California (their 3rd largest state and ranked 1st in USA in terms of population with approx 37M) with around 424 sq.km compared to Philippines 300 sq.km. Yes I agree our government should seriously look at the population problem!

  3. auggie said:

    It should have been twenty years ago, or even 30 years ago. We are now 89.5 million and counting on a small islands in the Pacific. No amount of increased rice production can cope with the quantum leap of new mouths to feed. And to exacerbate matters, the farmlands are getting smaller because real estate, golf courses and subdivisions are more profitable than farming. I think people , particularly the hormone-driven young should moderate their libidos, and the clergy should not be so reactionary on population issues.

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