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simply jesse

Saw copies on book stand yesterday (priced at P125.00)  … bought one for my son at Book Sale. A children book for a 14-year old … he may not be a Jesse Robredo in the future (because of his autism) but we’ll do our best to instill on how to be like one.  It’s a 24-page book beautifully illustrated by Nicole Anne Lim.

Book signing on April 13, 2013 4PM at National Book Store SM Naga.  Available now at Book Sale or buy during the book signing at the National Book Store :-]

Read/follow this posts [ Wallflower ] [ Daphne  ]  as inspiration or you can read online the Naga SMILES commemorative issue yours truly designed here.

And if you’re a from the 3rd District of CamSur, let us vote for ATTY LENI ROBREDO come May 13.
Let’s put an end to the dynasty… now is the time!  Be an intelligent voter.