Monthly Archives: December 2009

As 2009 closes two more films I am eagerly waiting to premiere at SM Cinema, first would be Guy Ritchie’s version of “Sherlock Holmes” and secondly Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones” before proceeding to my own version of the year best films.  Just jumped-off  from James Cameron’s megabucks-movie Avatar; despite a worn out plot the visual magnificence summed up the entire two-hour plus experience.  The details of Pandora’s lush wildlife was picturesque, blue skinned Na’vi tribe in revolutionary 3D motion-capture, the technical aspects of the film was worth the money!  … a second trip at the box-office in sked tagging friends this time | critics review here |  and have not been to an IMAX theatre just yet (300+ kilometers from where I live) as recommended to be truly appreciative of the film.  It was absolutely HD heaven even on a 2D.  Tagged by critics as a revolutionary film.  But has it live up to the expectations? Hooyah!


Nothing but the Truth is one of those intelligent films that never get to see a theatre run, release on DVD only this year, the political drama edifies how government conceal its mess and bangs a sledge hammer in your front door if you dare whack his shell.  We’ve seen such local scenarios like the ZTE Broadband Deal as whistle blowers became flavor of the month and just like the weather, they’re gone and forgotten.  The movie was inspired by real life events of journalist Judith Miller and CIA operative Valerie Plame.

In the movie, Kate Beckinsale (Rachel Armstrong) plays a D.C. reporter whose Pulitzer winning  article made her life into a living hell when she exposes CIA dirty secrets, she rot in jail for weeks, months and years for not exposing her source (which turn-out to be the CIA operative preschooler child) even pleaded her case to the Supreme Court only to be denied.  Vera Farmiga, Matt Dillon, Noah Wylie put up quite an impressive cast but it was Alan Alda who stole the show.  The movie made a clear point that sometimes truth kills, a gallantry in vain and its injustices, a deed Armstrong would regret.

Grumble, grumble, here I go again.

Recent survey indicates that 6 of 10 Pinoys are clueless with the 2010 automation poll.  Wrong survey!  Response would have been overwhelming if we ask the right question, like who’s next to be ousted in PBB.  These 2 media giants feed viewers with lots of nonsense tele-novelas and we love it.  We’re like the prawns in the film District 6, addicted to cat food.  Jeez!

Gibo Teodoro as expected was brilliant at the playing field during the recent ANC “Harapan” forum.  Noynoy was okay.  Too early to have a choice though, this is just round one.  Likewise, everyone played safe on the RH bill by ducking the issue saying that the puffed-up population is not the cause why this country is so poor. Corruption?  Yes!  Population? No.  Blow me!

Thanks to President Erap, the forum was light and cozy and as the Joker says, why so serious! Seriously, would you still vote for him?

My friend Auggie will finally rejoice.  The Gordon-Fernando last minute let’s bolt-in was an absolute stunner as both have solid track records and grassroots feel in terms of local governance, but my wife is hesitant, she said she is staring at two dictators.  This could be the fix we need, to remove the bug — iron hands to sweep cobwebs in our thick skull and push people at the right door, if needed.

From President to Representative? Or maybe a Prime Minister.  The belly of the beast is still half-empty.  The tagline which says “You don’t have to be in power to be empowered” is wrong.  She will win by a landslide, no doubt.  We really deserve each other, we’re stuck together.  A peso for you, millions for me.

Finally, after 12 days, the court ordered the military command to search the Ampatuans premises in Maguindanao.  No idiot would have kept any proof; every bit of evidence would have vanished by now!  We’re left with people’s testimonial, which, historically changes by the day depends upon who offers the most luscious dish in the house.  Too late the heroes I say for the 57 massacre victims considered as the single deadliest event for journalists in history.