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Remember Cloud Strife’s superbike in FFVII: Advent Children or seen Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1988 classic Akira? Image below seems fantasy rendezvouing with reality for U$ 2,000! Way cooler than Sinclair C5.

The EV-X7 electric motorcycle by AXLE Corp. is equipped with a newly-developed high-efficiency electric motor which drives the rear wheel. It can travel up to speeds of 150 kilometers per hour (90+ mph) and has a maximum range of 110 miles. All this is possible thanks to a state-of-the-art magnetic motor which is a hybrid between an electromagnet and a permanent magnet.

The new motor is called Sumo or “super motor” and is actually housed inside the bike’s rear wheel. The manufacturers say the motor is seven times more cost efficient than gas-powered scooters. VIDEO [1][2]



Scooter-envy. Yamaha X1. Whether to acquire the world’s finest transport on credit puts me on tight leash whose liquidity hangs in balance, at times, I envy my peers hearing those rev as they past you by walking home.

The pros & cons that nags me day & night.

(+) I get to sweat walking home, for health sake.
(+) No breathing down my nape on payday, missus gets a fair share of cheese.
(+) Worry free come rain come shine; an umbrella and P7.50 will get me home dry.

(-) Inggit-factor that tingles my spine every time I see a rider.
(-) Debt which I cannot afford just yet.

Underbone, Air-cooled Single Cylinder 4-stroke SOHC, P80,000 tag price … verdict? My NB8515zip will do wonder and all of this will be a thing of the past. No worries!

With midterm election messing up norms, making people hyped-up, getting peanuts from politicos high as if problems were solved. But at the end of day some will probably ask themselves – are you kidding me?! Few titillating issues boggling my mind.

(+) Just hearing (NX) from Joker that Bikol has P10-Billion fund for rehab coming directly from DBM and not passing politicos hand jigged my corrupt mind. Getting the usual 10% would make someone instant billionaire. No wonder, president’s son can take the most coveted post in his district. Sorry Abang.

(+) The reality-show rift between a grouchy-old father and seemingly meek, misunderstood prodigal son bickering over political agendas. Have you ever thought it’s a strategy to lure masa like the teleseryes gluing people night in, night out? They know your weaknesses! A grand politico dashing his last hurrah needs a new blood to keep the line from going. A small sacrifice from all the years of political lush wouldn’t gush a bit.

(+) I thought of it as a new Ford truck series. F100 represent a (get this) century of public service or tribute to constituents of a mighty clan. After a century what is the state of Partido been up to. They have been in power on a tourism-rich district. Haen an asenso? Hadaw?