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Agriculture Secretary Yap’s proposition of cutting one cup rice down to half serving at food chains is how ridiculous our leaders have become; according to the Secretary this was a recommendation by food outlets and restos claiming that dining Pinoys now does not consume one full cup. Marhay si Secretary ta may hors d’oeuvres bago kan saiyang main course. True?

Senate’s gone cold, PGMA won the showdown and Jun Lozada was (another of the many) yesterday’s sideshow. I’m having a déjà vu of Secretary Ermita’s haunting line “all these are just in aid of grandstanding” as it continues to reverberate. Even the church here does not allow masses for him anymore because it would be too political. True?

PCSO Php 249-Million 6/49 jackpot was won by one person from Quezon City. By one person. Bako daw PCSO man sana ini ta nasa QC man sinda? I remember ages ago when Mayor Alfredo Lim started doubting and allegations popping out about rigged sweepstakes results and an inquiry was about to proceed then the unthinkable happens … he won the jackpot! Baad ngonian siring man an mangyari ta dae ta man aram kiisay talaga si numero o kung igwa man nanggad nagtaya. True?
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Manny Pacquiao
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Manny Pacquiao padded his bank account with US$ 3M (or even more) as the fight started from where they left off, a fight I thought Marquez retain his belt (via draw). It was also the day the name Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquaio got inscribed to boxing history as the first Asian to win 3 titles in 3 different weight division HURRAH!

But this blog is about GMA7’s airing of the fight which I found disgusting, as early as 12:30PM ABS-CBN news channel ANC was already interviewing Pacman’s kababayan of his Las Vegas victor. To make the story short, people who cannot afford the very expensive PAY-PER-VIEW got really pissed off on a Sunday where they put virtually everything on hold (ceasefire with MILF) just to watch Manny Pacquiao’s fight. It was so revolting that you can do chores, strategize troop movement and more so forget the previous round because of 5-10 (some says 20) minutes commercial gap in between rounds; in fact I was able to doze off a bit, finished ANC’s program The Correspondents, Probe, XXX and SOCO in between rounds. Boxing fans especially men who calendared the fight started their orasyones early guzzling with gusto either cuatro cantos or bilog cum videoke were the first K.O. victim way before Pacman’s ring entrance because of the commercialized TV airing!

August Rush

Grab a copy of August Rush, Once and Across the Universe, three feel-good musical dramas that will relieve your everyday stress, feel sentimental and get teary-eyed on cold (even warm) nights with your family. Three films that has been nominated in musical category at the 07/08 Oscar Awards, August Rush is about a musical prodigy orphan (Freddie Highmore) in search for his parents ala Dickens Oliver Twist, Once is an indie musical-film (budget US$ 160,000 vs. worldwide gross of US$ 16M) of a struggling busker in the streets of Dublin while Across the Universe incorporates 34 songs of Beatles during the turbulent 60s look for Bono (of U2) in a cameo appearance. Recommendation?  A good speaker system will enhance your viewing pleasure, whewww! I sorely miss theatre run movie nowadays.