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As the world gets more and more smaller so as the so-called compact cars, and of all streaming down streets my head turner will be Suzuki Swift next would be Kia Picanto and despite so many Hyundai Getz sold locally to me it’s like a beefed-up Kia Pride and does not have that much appeal nor the version of Suzuki Alto. It got me thinking that I’ll probably be just staring at these vehicles in my lifetime as they clogged the busy lanes of Naga or simply put “in your dreams boy!But India’s Tata Motors recent unveiling of world’s cheapest car at US$ 2,500.00 (roughly P 120,000 converted to current exchange rate) I might have a chance to own one. The cost is almost similar that of assembling a trimobile or 150CC sport-bike and far cheaper than our local multicab. WOW! With these cost perhaps trimobile operator may well soon switch to Tata Nano and make our trimobile drivers to mini-taxi drivers!

Poor world (poor us) as pollutant intensifies while most doesn’t seem to care at all and some or someone gets richer by the day.


Bossing Dune post on American Idol contestant Renaldo Lapuz by far has 56 readers and counting at Planet Naga, only meant that people worldwide (on cable at QTV and Starworld) were hooked on American Idol Season 7 yesterday and Wednesday. In US alone Nielsen Media reported that 33.4 million viewers, American Idol is the only show that beats my favorite CBS crime-drama CSI, true enough music really is the universal language no matter how bad you sounded… you get to listen the awww, yaiks and the agghh and not bad at all!

Renaldo Lapuz

Bit of relief from sickening feud between ABS-CBN vs. GMA and the bad news scattered all over the local TV. A.I. has a board for ” I am your brothaaaa” and Googling him you’ll get around 3,280 hits in 0.09 seconds and rising. His You Tube segment has been viewed 1,946 times with 151 positive feedbacks. Not bad for a super-fly dressed guy in a talent show who in less than 24 hours became a household name, perhaps endorsements in the making! See how in just a snapped some lucky ones get to taste the so-called american dream while others whose vocals are much in tune failed in their lifetime.

His diction, the name and the way he moved totally jives with how we Pinoy act-out, not to mention Texas is known as one of Pinoy state in U.S. though he’s from Reno, Nevada. I bet he’s one of us!

Referred to, by media and film critics as year of the threequels of the 400+ films released internationally my best foreign films for 2007 I got to watched and enjoyed (with their worldwide gross to date):

Bourne Ultimatum ($440M) – my best action
Ratatouille ($612M) – my best animated
300 ($456M) – my best CGI
Apocalypto – 2006 – ($120M) – my best dressed
Zodiac ($85M) – the longest film I’ve watch
Resident Evil: Extinction ($147M) – the best of all Alice series
Happy Feet – 2006 – ($385M) – my best musical