Monthly Archives: October 2008

An online friend, SIR AUGGIE, a fellow oragon who regularly sends relevant news and issues, just today he sent a link on Shari Cruz blog aka misterYosa of our plight with poverty, and shooting from the hip Shari hits a bulls-eye.  Who’s really to blame in all the mess this country has?

From hunger to poverty to corruption to self-discipline and all the problemo of a plate called Pilipinas.  If you have no clue about the dish you need to  get off you high chair and get ready to get your hands dirty … ALL OF US!

Good little deeds all of us dared not everyday and if summed up can be a stockpile of good deeds that could turn this country around.  Shari quoted Dr. Jose Rizal on Filipinos indolence which only proves that we’ve been scraping the gutter while somebody self-serving and their minions sleeps on a comfy bed for century, now we’re all smacked in the middle of a global financial meltdown (again?) I was thinking perhaps we could use  the situation to our advantage and rise alongside rich nations whose knees are currently wobbly …. really?  Nahh!!!

Do you feel the crisis?  For decades, every bit of our system were immunized, so numbed to feel it.  It would probably take few generations and millions six feet under to get Pinoy a serious awakening.

Shari’s right, if we canot even fix and keep ignoring little decent virtues we can do everyday how much more if a bigger sacrifice is demanded of us?  Are we waiting for an absentee messiah? To free us from what?  A self inflicted chaos.  Poverty according to Kofi Annan is man-made and can be overcome by the actions of human beings not Dios na lang ang bahala or makakarman man yan …  not everything in life is free or doled out, a favorite by-word in our country.