Monthly Archives: January 2009


It was like watching those 60s classic movies all over again, so much itsy bitsy details to the point it drags you but the David Fincher take on Curious Case of Benjamin Button, by far, is the best opener for 2009 if you love movies. It’s visually satisfying and Brad Pitt enigmatic performance as the reverse aging protagonist made the entire 2 hours plus film worth navigating. Though the film was loosely based on a 1920s F. Scott Fitzgerald story the adaptation was completely different from the book (or maybe not), the film centered more on the human soul — the unselfish affection, relationship, fear and the responsibility you’re willing to risk for the people you hold dear in life.

If you haven’t watch it yet on wide-screen (so sad, the 2 remaining movie theater here needs a major refurbishing in terms of sight and sound) but do not frown my friendly piratas are selling at a price (and clear copy) of P 50.00 … even the whole barangay can indulge. Also, check the movie website … it’s unmatched and as good as the movie itself!!!