Monthly Archives: May 2009


I was pretty much impressed the way street artist Shepard Fairey’s designed Barrack Obama’s campaign poster, the stenciled effect and retro feel pretty much carried the whole campaign, though the design was  a recycled concept it was indeed a very effective visuals and even sold out  online.  It came to me as a choice in preparing a gift for Mayor Jesse Robredo, at first I was planning of a caricature, I made (two) sketch variations but my critic (mi esposa) said that I could not get the perfect roughs; that it does not justify him so I decided to dumped the whole drawing idea and push  for an Obama-like poster.  Finding the perfect picture pose was another problem but I had just the best alternative image which I used on a banner design for the National PRISAA Games.  Done few hours in Photoshop and had it framed as our office gift for his 50th birthday today,  27 May 2009, it may not be as good as the Obama poster but I believe I was able to came up with my own version and I just hope it gave a smile on his birthday.


Media is a religion now; the recent Kho-Halili sex scandal only affirms how they can stir people’s direction more successfully than any other form.  It shows the declining hold of our 400 year old faith built in sweat and blood by our founding fathers whereas media can do it in a series of season.   It clearly illustrate as well the decaying morals in humanity, thirty or forty years ago movie personalities was a highly respectable job even for local bomba queens Divina Valencia and Stella Suarez.  Today, all you need is beauty and body to get into the business from there press+media and cosmetic science will take over.

Information is a virus, it has spilled over from ages five to ninety-five especially if you have internet access, censorship is impossible because kids today are literally tech savvy – they’ll take backdoor access and gadgets are becoming well within means.  Our own culture has been overrun by other pop culture we extremely worship yet we neither have their power nor wealth.  This generation is so hooked with what media feeds that it temporarily makes them numb yet wide awake, it even sedates hunger, pain, and stress … like a zombie.

So many presidentiables come 2010, a peek of these wannabes during the leadership forum over ANC where some made a bit of an impression, and some flopped.  The first batch were Among Ed Panlilio, Gibo Teodoro, Mar Roxas, Chiz Escudero, Dick Gordon.  Perhaps the next batch would bring Ping Lacson, Jejomar Binay, Bayani Fernando, Loren Legarda, Manny Villar, and former President Erap Estrada over the tube.

Was I impressed?  Not much.  But if you ask me to pick from these batch my top three would be Gordon, Fernando, and Roxas would be my last choice.  I believe we need a leader who has a strong arm; Gordon and Fernando may have this (but not like those of Ping) and a leader who has vast experience in grassroots knowledge.  Roxas belong to the elite class and may not truly possess what you see from his Erap-like campaign.

This country does not need so many intellects but men who are willing to make a change, endure countless sacrifices, and a follow through policy.  The need to end corruption, start fixing poverty; and finally stamping on what has to be done with our ballooning population.  This has to end.  We should know when to stop being a burden.

We need some Deng Xiaoping indoctrination in our western- imitated system because everything we’ve tried has failed.  We will never reach the responsiveness (the west) possesses no matter how media mileage and education we expend; we need to let the undeserving people know that the government is not always there and they should try to fix themselves first.  Being poor has been a weapon of choice in defending the status in life and the government (politicians) tolerate this.  We need an iron casted policy that will thumped heads and finally wake them up.

It’s a messy, difficult uphill climb but has to be done.  Who’s going to do it?  A leader with an iron hand, a political system that does not favor allies, where corrupt public servant, private taxpayer, elected officials are prosecuted whether he’s a big fish or not, where media institution does not favor themselves always, and does not pollutes peoples way of thinking, and at the very core are constituents that abide, assert themselves and do not expect so much (personal) favor from their vote.