We volunteered for the tree planting at Panicuason (Approx. 450M above sea level? Western slope of Mt. Isarog) as part of the city government PILIMANIA Project, planted no less than 60 trees on a good morning trail hike with Mt. Isarog Guardians (MIGs).  After (we) took a side trip to Nabontolan Falls — a secret falls resting within the protected area of Mt. Isarog National Park for a breathtaking refuge from our normal city life and a rough trail that’s worth retaking again.  On our way back we rested and munched sweet mulberries,  a  tree  just beside the famous Stonehouse Gardens  before finally retreating on motorbikes to Podo Grill for the sinfully delicious bulalo for lunch.

Some shots taken from my old and trusted Panasonic Lumix camera with my son, Hajj and office mates during our summer outing last April 2012.  Love the serenity and the lifestyle of people living here.
Hated the walk at first but getting use to it is beneficial.  Living simple in an environment such as this is my dream, of course with electricity for the cable TV, ref, PC, and internet — is simply enough for me.
The falls are beautiful but the rocks are slippery, I slipped, twisted my wrist and hit my head on one of those stones while shooting — spiced up the adventure.