Monthly Archives: November 2010

Size would be the most obvious come November 14 at Texas even Pacman is 2-0 with men exaggerately bigger than him yet pundits are entitled to their say.  Experts say motivation could change the fight  as the disgraced Tijuana Tornado has tons of it with nothing to loose and everything to gain.  In boxing just like any other contact sports  the first man to get hurt would likely to fall first but superior conditioning is a factor (second wind).  Manny Pacquiao achieving many titles in many weight classes where no other modern day boxers will not surpass sees by some experts this fight could tarnished his stellar career.  Is he up for Jr. Middleweight?  His last fight  with Clottey has shown how size is an advantage, after his 12 round conquest he looks more beaten than the native Ghanaian and Margarito is like a bull with heavy hands.  I would hate to see a Z Gorres but it’s the price you pay for fame and fortune and we love to see the Pacman fight and win because he’s the more complete fighter of the two but it’s not just Pacman —  the global attention ‘Pinas is getting as well.  Some fearless forecast has already summed it up and I can see Pacman (5-1 favorite) $15+ million richer.  Conditioning coach Ariza in 24/7 has doubts with his fighter strength and power after all the distractions.  Come Sunday, if the Pacman looses, a rematch would surely be one hell of a fortune maker.  By far, this is his toughest test. For Nagueños who wants to see the fight live, avoid suffocating commercials over TV, cannot afford the pricey tickets, do not fret, LBC with LGU Naga is sponsoring a free showing in four(?) big screens of the pay-per-view at the city coliseum on Sunday 8a.m., a titillatingly intense day for Pinoys.