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A romcom/drama weekend movie -thon with Ondine, Hot Tub Time Machine, Dear John and She’s Out of My League, my drug for dodging stress and grief with Dad at hospital fighting Big C as the family struggles to see eye to eye and letting matters to  God now that he’s 75, it’s been 5 long years Dad as stroke patient, his favorite and eldest granddaughter Una continues to be an angel for him as she divide her college time and as nanny for Lolo. Una will be an excellent nurse instead of an IT student.  The doctor news about his colon few months back by far the hardest blow to the family, meaning, his stay will not be for long, we tested waters with alternative medicines as he’s strong willed but his fragile body tells otherwise.  The universal truth that we cannot be here forever; acceptance is difficult but reality is staring in the face, a consolation perhaps, that the dearly departed are the lucky souls  because  they’ll  not suffer anymore nor be stressed out, no sins or lusts to worry about and neither they’ll indulge themselves in food and booze  that kills.  Dad checked-out of the hospital the other day, a decision which he’s been craving for … to go home, stay home and not be saddled by huge hospital bills, but the family needs to prepare — devote more time and care for the few more months, year perhaps, only God knows.  It is sad but that is life …


Switching back to the 4 movies the Jay Baruchel starrer date movie  “She’s Out of my League” left a sweet taste in my lip, the film is your typical, washed up, predictable, forgettable yet deliriously funny movie, my only drawback that is that the F word” rains like sunshine. The Baruchel-Eve mix was a beauty to behold as the rest of the man-child casts were annoyingly funny.  Baruchel is like a young, local version of our iconic Dolphy whose low self esteem character and skinny look makes him a 5, yes, there is a formula in the movie that teach us how to rate people from 1 to 10.  The world even looked down if you struck a date with a hard 10 (Eve) but  everybody is a sucker for happy ending.  The difference from the other flicks is the chick here was for real not the dumb blond or the right girl at your side invisible all along.  Lots of comedic and idiotic stuff perhaps inspired by Judd Apatow films like the ejaculation scene and the grossly pubes shaving.

For first time director Jim Field Smith, the movie was a triumph for the geeks/nerds and all nobody’s out there, it had some good moments and was able to carry momentum till end credits.  If it’s a fantasy go check out Ric Ocasek (5) and Paulina Porizkova (10) and their odd 20+ years affair, they’re just the best example I could come up with because some beautiful women digs geeky guys and good conversation.  If you still can’t get enough go add up some Brit made films such as Love Actually, Notting Hill, or Hitch or ’til you puked in your couch.


Many political analysts and critics have already tackled this; shelled similar opinions on the hotly contested DILG seat.  What is wrong with Vice President Jojo Binay?  Does he know that having too much is unhealthy?!  He should not even be speaking about cabinet positions early on and just let President Noy Aquino decide.  If I read it right it was offered to him then but turned it down to put forward his political stomping and now that he’s secured the VP chair yet he lust the DILG post.  Come on Jojo that sounds too gluttonous to me!  That is not reason why people voted for you, people saw you as the person behind President Noy all being a very close family ally and someone who believed in President Cory’s vision.  If all has been written is true then you’re no different from the trapos scampaigning all over the lower house.  Or has media (again) overblown the issue?

“Jess is a multi-awarded local executive. He has advocacies like checking the informal settler problem. In Naga they don’t talk of theories but of actual accomplishments. They were able to provide opportunities outside Naga. That is obviously one of the skills he brings to the table” — President Noy Aquino

First of all, I am buying the idea Mayor Jesse Robredo as DILG top man not for the reason he’s well qualified but I believe he will make a huge difference with his hands-on approach and innovativeness.  It’s one tough job running an independent network of LGUs  but I guess he was raised for this career.  Vice President Binay’s two decades stint as a local chief executive is not that impressive as any qualified and honest public servant will  have a grand time managing the financial center of the country that is Makati City and a P10-Billion annual budget compared to Naga City’s limited but improved budget and its geo-physical disadvantages.  By comparing what Mayor Robredo has done to this small city with what he has done I guess David deserves a shot at DILG than Goliath.  Letting your son, daughter or wife run for public office while you’re in power (to me) shows true essence of the leader.  In fact, I hated the political ads “Ganito kami sa Makati ngayon...” because if he was managing a small, lowly LGU outside the metro hub I doubt if he even made an impact at all.

If I sounded too bias here, then I am guilty, for someone who has seen a lot of positive things with his leadership.  Only time can tell and if VP Binay will just listen to the Fab Four lyrics “Get back, get back to where you once belonged, get back Jojo, go home”  put on his fighting armor and help the President mold this country to a better state and  forget the 2016 election as it’s still far.  Likewise, he needs to prove what he’s done  is not exclusive to Makati and can be duplicated by urban LGUs in countryside.

Whatever of the two posts eyed for you my congratulations Mayor Jesse, just letting you know that we’re all very proud of you.

The incompetence predicament, the blame game instigated by Casureco 2 management has been dragging on for weeks as consumers/owners are pissed off by the 100% hike passed-on their power bills the past 2 months with very little or no explanation from the senior management, its Board of Directors who made a deal with a newbie power aggregator without due diligence and from what I have read without its Corplan nod.

More than 4,000 consumers in an FPJ angryvating monologue “kapag puno na ang salop” fueled by RMN DWNX held series of special meetings, trooped out and stormed the streets, slammed statements of displeasure to the OIC/General Manager and Board President and his cohorts.  Its one heck of a show of force, a mass action representing numbers of respected local personalities, leaders, legal minds and citizens elbow to elbow filled the electric air with a plea for the senior management to resign.

If EDSA 1 famed the people power revolution the Naga City residents and neighboring town members donning an angry-mask last May 28 marched to Casureco 2 for a consumers’ power revolt but has fallen on deaf asses that is why a massive indignation rally is set on tomorrow, Friday, June 11.  The management failure, obvious sycophant and greed on power allegedly backed by a lucky old timer, turncoat politico who’s been controlling marionettes inside the coop including some big cheese over at NEA.  Come Friday, June 11, a bigger crowd, furious yet mellow cohonies with numbers unknown will again fill the city streets, many have heard the calling but the CASURECO 2 in its effort to shut up the consumers group slapped a P 2-million lawsuit a day before their scheduled protest.  Will it change the plight of annoyed consumers?  NO!  They’re just making matters crappy (for them).