Monthly Archives: April 2010

It took me three attempts on the flick “Book of Eli” as I have doubt if it’s worth a ticket, nevertheless, I found myself sitting inside the theatre on Tuesday evening.  The motivation was (1) it’s a Denzel Washington starrer; and (2) the man has not made a bad film in his career and (3) has been a consistent shoo-in for any acting award in every film he makes.  After 118 minutes it wasn’t that bad as I thought it would be it’s just the story has been used before; it’s about a drifter  in search for something (going west) in a post apocalyptic wasteland carrying with him the most treasured human creation that shaped this world – the only remaining copy of King James version of the Bible (in Braille), his west was the Alcatraz island where he’ll find his peace.

The film was like Zatoichi meets the gang who couldn’t shoot straight, Carnegie (Oldman), the rundown town warlord and his militia were that shortsighted and could not hit Eli who’ll be revealed later to be blind all along (WTF!  He can shoot down snipers with accuracy atop buildings)!   The musical score to me was like a modern Ry Cooder-ish like I’m watching The Last Man Standing.  The action sequence is well choreographed but if you’re so interested in a post-apocalyptic human powerful ultra-realistic drama grab the DVD of Viggo Mortensen’s starrer The Road.

The movie last lines was so compelling (below).

Dear lord thank you for giving me strength and conviction to complete the task you entrusted to me.
Thank you for guiding me straight and true through the many obstacles in my path.
And for keeping me resolute when all around seemed lost.
Thank you for your protection and for your many signs along the way.
Thank you for the good that I may have done.
I am so sorry about the bad.
Thank you for the friend I made.
Please watch over her as you watched over me.
Thank you for finally allowing me to rest.
I am so very tired.
But I go now to my rest at peace… knowing that I have done right with my time on this earth.
I fought the good fight.
I finished the race.
I kept the faith.


Rolling Stone’s film critic Peter Travers calls it a sham (1 of 4 stars) and I have to agree (just) a bit, seems to me the new version is mile apart from the 1981 original fantasy, the advantage is that it’s FX tweaked and the excellent production design but the storyline is so dreary and audience might have difficulty in connecting with demigod Perseus (Worthington), in fact, the original was much better in terms of narrative and were unable to upstage Ray Harryhausen’s equally superb visual effects in the early 80s sans new technology.  This Louis Leterrier update is a bravado infused revenge driven flick, and it felt more like a sequel to Brad Pitt’s 2004 epic Troy (men in hair extensions), nevertheless, the film is worth watching if you’re into hack and slash but I would recommend watching first the original in DVD and spot the difference later.   Still, no doubt that the film box office will be a colossal draw because 2010 is undoubtedly the year of sword and sandal, just don’t go for the 3D bait; the P110.00 box office is amazing enough since the film was originally made for a 2D release.