Cracking down on plastic bags

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A concern look for a person who walks everyday from office to home as you notice speck of plastic litter sprawled placidly over gutters and sidewalks at major street here waiting for cleaners. An environmental plea if not controlled can be an environmental plague comes a time when we ran out of landfill, still, this needs serious consideration and the city council should look into not just now. I don’t see Nagueños and business sector not cooperating, what we need is honest-to-goodness implementation and monitoring, and despite not having statistics I can be sure that the biggest occupant of Balatas landfill are plastic-made products.

Do we need facts kept on staring at us everyday to be really convinced? Rob Krebs says that “Every piece of litter has a human face behind it. If they are harm to the environment in terms of visual blight, then people need to stop littering”.

20-plus years ago we’re so much better, we’re more disciplined then every time we go to market we needed our bayong. Now every sari-sari store, super mart and mall issue plastic shopping (sando) bags so much for convenience. Imagine how many people stop and buy and not dare recycle it. We need a stop with this norm! Last month Santa Barbara, Iloilo became the first LGU in the country to ban plastic bags, I also post a similar reaction [here] before the TV news came about.

How do we go about it?

It’s not even a difficult question and not impossible to do. Start with super mart (LCC, Robertson, E-Mall, Cabral, etc.) come up with action to reduce plastic shopping bags and see if it ripples down. I see our vision of a Green Naga despite many trees re-planted not complete if we keep ignoring the call, habang kaya ta pa the solution to the plastic bag litter is to change people, not the product.

  1. Ano daw ta mno comments daa, kaka post ko lang.. hmm…

  2. Exactly what I was looking for Bossing! If Singapore can do it kaya ta man yan kan Naga, grabe na kaya an hugak kan iba asin garo mayo na kitang paki-aram lalo sa Metro Manila, kung mahiling mo sa TV an creek duman clogged na puros ati kadaklan plastic!

    P.S. Napansin ko lang may incenaration plants palan diyan… garo baga saro yan sa kawsa kan global warming .. hehehe ano daw?

  3. pepper said:

    we are doing a feasibility study on plastic bags made out of chicken feathers…so this site kinda caught my attention…anyways our plastic bags are biodegradable…

  4. pepper said:

    btw, good job on trying to keep Naga environmentally healthy!

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