Monthly Archives: September 2012


Three more months. Cannot wait any longer. Victor Hugo’s classic with ensemble casts as Hugh Grant, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried, and Anne Hathaway.  Trailer here.  Official site here.  The Hathaway trailer will surely give you chills and goosebumps.  Don’t forget on Christmas Day, this may yet be the best of all adaptations from the novel.

My version of Mayor Jesse ala Ninoy pose in remembering his 40th death day.  I am hoping that we continue living on his legacy given our tendency to forget important events in our lives.  I am so honored to have served under him and got to know him more (as all Nagueños does).  I maybe sounding like a broken record here but he was just like my father who devoted their lives in public service, Mayor Jesse was truly an inspiration for me, he and my father are my personal heroes.

The very first time I met him was in ’95 with my wife when we were donating to the Carmelite sisters.  I already knew him not because he’s the Mayor but often he visits my father on city related issues with PNR.  There he was at the other end of the bench and I was quite hesitant.  Perhaps sensing my autist personality he made the first attempt to approached and sparked up a small conversation because he noticed my brand new green espadrille.  The next time we’ll speak again will be 6 years later when I entered the government as a utility worker for the LGU IT unit. The 9 years under I’ve known him to be a hands-on leader, clear-sighted official, charismatic speaker, reformist servant leader, a true friend and very frugal with government money.

It’s been 40 days and at times I wonder if my thirteen years in government I should also call it quits … but this is my bread and butter now and life has to moved on wherever it may lead us.