Celtics 1-up

Celtics Power Trio

4 team stands proud of their legacy and the 2008 NBA playoff feels like Bird-Wilkins, Bird-Thomas, and Bird-Magic era again sans Larry Bird. Celtics is 1-up against Pistons and if they will not lose any home game they’ll quench their title thirst since the Bird era at least for the eastern conference. The mean’ green Big 3 has shown inconsistencies compared to the old trio (of Bird, Parish and McHale) and odds are not favoring them to win the ring even if they beat Motor City and a perfect playoff home record is not guarantee. Two west team that can win road game will be blocking their path, the evenly match-up Lakers and Spurs is a tough call even a coin toss would not do justice. My prediction? I see L.A. Lakers in the finals even though defending and aging champion Spurs can still win road game come crunch time.

Winning the trophy? Even the best NBA record 66-16 cannot match Kobe and his reliables but just seeing the Celtics & Lakers in the finals relives the 80s rivalry, which for me one is the best decade in NBA history. Boston Red Sox has broken the Bambino curse if the Celtics lose they can blame it on the leprechaun.

  1. auggie said:

    It should be the power of two only. Ray Allen, was shut-out in the series with the Cavs. Between Motown and the Celtics ? I think it would be the Pistons, and Mr. Stern would be enraged. He is envisioning a blast from the past in a Celtics-Lakers series. I’m not even sure if the Lakers will win the series. The Spurs has got the mojo working.

  2. A whooping $55M combined annual salary for the Big 3 it has been a long drought for the Celtics, you need to pay up to be relevant again and that’s what Danny Ainge did. Ray Allen should better wake up and start thumping his slump. After the Red Sox and Patriots parade … they should be in the 2008 Finals! If not it will be a huge disappointment for these All-Stars and to the basketball loving Beantown.

  3. auggie said:

    Speaking of long droughts, my favorite run & gun team is absent from the playoffs, even with a winning record. I’m referring to the Oakland, CA ,Warriors. Stern should do something about that. Losing teams in the East are in the playoffs. Another run & gun coach is in New York, to resuscitate the woebegone Knicks.

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