inggitero... da man

Want to know the Inggitero?

Former office cleaner now a web/graphics/GUI design(err).
Worked for an Aussie project, big one for six years.
Love to doodle and scribble not that good though.
Digs good graphics, movies, comics and great music.
Wanna be tekkie but doesn’t have the bread.

His former and current bosses.
Mayor Jesse, my personal best leader in the world (sipsip!)
Dune the programmer, migrated in one of the best disciplined littlest country in the world.
Jessie the certified tekkie, now entrepreneur,
Reuel, the new one [and old] boss.
They’re the dissectors, if such a word is permitted.
They make sure the system works… stitched everything up!

Inggitero? Mr. Nobody.
Weapon of choice? Broom and a keyboard.
A movie, internet, comics and tech junkie.
Two years ago got the ladder, moved up a bit.
Thanks to Dune if not for his departure… started from scratch 8 years back.

The Mrs. works 8-5. Prefers incognito.

44 years has passed, not much… just amassed perhaps the 3 (most) important wealth in life.
(1) Deep faith for the big guy UP there who loves him, loves us.  Watches over him 24/7.
(2) A woman who picks him up in just every stumble.  Unforgiving though.
(3) An angel to come home every day.  With autism little does he know.

For someone who’s duped.  Why does he care to blog?
It is the new drug!  Anyone can write even the carabao way.
It’s a stress reliever or just the hip thing.  Even if  he totally sucks in it.

Want more?  Press F1 for help.

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