Monthly Archives: June 2009


Wow!  Cavs now has 2 big men to back-up LBJ.  Trading Wallace and Pavlovic to Phoenix for a high profile, aging veteran (at 37) who may not able to handle the run and gun offense of the Cavs.   Yes, this was very evident from his Suns stint.  Who’ll start?  Shaq of course and Big Z will have to be a back-up again (remember Chris Mihm?) at the 5 spot since Varejao can handle the 4 and 5 position.  Danny Ferry is conjuring a D Wade-Shaq tandem similar to the 2006 Miami Heat magical season.  Will the Diesel deliver them a ring?  I don’t think so.


Being one of the many who turned-out for the block screening of Transformers 2 at SM Naga for the longest time I get to experience [again] people queuing for a movie.  Isn’t it a good news?  Movie junkies are back!  I just hope it’s not your splash in the pan scenario because if this is going to be a trend it will be good … resurrecting a dead business.

The box office though was bit costly at P110.00, but for an addict I would say not bad if you have a Dolby Digital sound, fresh ambiance, superior lighting, and a decent service.  Cinema 2 was almost SRO just like the old movie days and who says we’re having recession.  Most young crowd came in with popcorn, latte, chips, and girls.  I guess everyone waited for this [movie] sequel; but last night I was more interested with people’s response on simultaneous worldwide screening.  The international success of Angels and Demons and Terminator: Salvation should trigger film makers to often do these to gain some ground against syndicates in Asia where piracy has become defiant.

Walking home I spotted Bichara’s billboard along Panganiban Drive and I was astounded as they were also showing the same film.  Think about it, they probably struggling.  It’s a tough business for their three remaining cinemas  [from six years ago] now fighting a Goliath like SM.  The survival instict should be alive and they must come up with a plan in making Emily Theater as city’s art cinema not only for its glorious past but it certainly is the best site for indie cinema cum art gallery cum coffee shop where Cam. Sur literati and avant garde thinkers could hang-out, held symposia being Naga as an academic city as suggested by my friend, Auggie.  We’re here … just waiting to line up.

P.S. I have to go back for a rerun with my wife, son, and yaya on weekend and another P 440.00 pocket juice.


Every offices were required to provide a gimmick for the 61st Naga City Charter Anniversary parade last June 18, without any budget for props I dedicated the remaining P350.00 in my pocket for poster color and spray paint.  We took whatever broken PC parts at the office from printer cord to mouse to keyboard.  The parade was sked for seven thirty in the morning as early as six thirty we were painting our skin getting ready for a mug shot.  It went well, turned out we were the weird looking bunch in the crowd.