Monthly Archives: December 2012

He is obviously not the same pugilist than he was eight - ten years back  and with age and wear - tear his physique will eventually wane. Outside the ring he tries to be everything... everyone - politician, actor, singer, TV host, endorser and a businessman even with his obvious inadequacies.  Mannn!! With his mega-fortune I could even surmise that his bucket has been re-emptied and written a new list. What was the real cause of his last two defeats especially the shocking loss to 'El Dinamita' Marquez? Religion? Dishing the old ways --- sans sign of the cross; sans rosary beads clung around his neck; no more quick  prayer.  Go ask Mommy D. Age? Marquez was the older guy at 39 and has brawled with the best fighters in the ring. Over confident? Maybe, but the bottom line is Marquez  was the better prepared fighter and finally got his ultimate Christmas wish with a very convincing win and a closure despite trailing 1-1-2 record from this epic fight. Lucky punch?  Marquez is one of the intelligent counter puncher in the business and Pacquiao's brute force became his doom. What now? I believe he'll do best if he focus on just a career where he excels. He's 34 and he can't fight forever and win always. No doubt, he's the best Pinoy boxer ever, his  8 division title will take decades to break, his rags to riches story has contributed so much to the sport and boxing made him a very rich man. PAC-MAN KNOWS.