The Finals

NBA Finals

I was half right, Dallas got booked to the finals, turned out (Miami’s) three were too hot to handle while a young and very tired MVP failed to carry his team, well at least for now.  Sans Bulls my initial 2011 NBA finals prediction is the same though the advantage now point to Dallas (2-0 regular season win-loss record) and a 44% (62K+ votes) chance of clinching it on 6 or 7 games at Yahoo poll.  Chill out!  The East will emerge victorious this time as they’ll sacrifice bodies to (double & triple team) Dirk Nowitzki and make him feel like a disappointed Derrick Rose (Bulls 3-0 in regular season)  even with battle hardened veterans of Kidd, Terry, Marion, Stojakovic  Yet another classic rematch five years in waiting with only four original 2006 players left — Wade, Haslem, Nowitzki, and Terry.  Miami 6 in a roller coaster 48 minutes.

Photo from Deviantart.  Getty Images.


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