Kapit tuko

The incompetence predicament, the blame game instigated by Casureco 2 management has been dragging on for weeks as consumers/owners are pissed off by the 100% hike passed-on their power bills the past 2 months with very little or no explanation from the senior management, its Board of Directors who made a deal with a newbie power aggregator without due diligence and from what I have read without its Corplan nod.

More than 4,000 consumers in an FPJ angryvating monologue “kapag puno na ang salop” fueled by RMN DWNX held series of special meetings, trooped out and stormed the streets, slammed statements of displeasure to the OIC/General Manager and Board President and his cohorts.  Its one heck of a show of force, a mass action representing numbers of respected local personalities, leaders, legal minds and citizens elbow to elbow filled the electric air with a plea for the senior management to resign.

If EDSA 1 famed the people power revolution the Naga City residents and neighboring town members donning an angry-mask last May 28 marched to Casureco 2 for a consumers’ power revolt but has fallen on deaf asses that is why a massive indignation rally is set on tomorrow, Friday, June 11.  The management failure, obvious sycophant and greed on power allegedly backed by a lucky old timer, turncoat politico who’s been controlling marionettes inside the coop including some big cheese over at NEA.  Come Friday, June 11, a bigger crowd, furious yet mellow cohonies with numbers unknown will again fill the city streets, many have heard the calling but the CASURECO 2 in its effort to shut up the consumers group slapped a P 2-million lawsuit a day before their scheduled protest.  Will it change the plight of annoyed consumers?  NO!  They’re just making matters crappy (for them).


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