Sore Losers

People who lose in a fair competition, and thus seek out less than graceful means of expressing their disatisfaction with and inability to handle losing like an adult — Urban Dictionary

With winners already proclaimed expect more protest from all sides, a smoke that should last until 2013, their attempt to disenfranchise of the not so well-planned but feels credible first automated general elections while media gives them enough mileage in the recent house hearing (to me) they all look like sore losers!  They, who cannot just accept defeat, have to resort to noise, now in short leash with their spin doctors while she’s still in throne, after the PCOS machines and CF cards, now it’s the digital signatures, surely more will come out of the box.  My shortlist of sore losers — Lito Atienza, Mike Defensor, Monico Puentevella, Annie Susano, and whoever is behind the marsupial koala as Teddy Locsin had put it “you SOBs!


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