Robin Hood

Most critics panned the latest Ridley Scott-Russell Crowe team up of their take on Robin Hood; Scott’s opus was far different from the rest of the Hollywood version or from the Kevin Reynolds-Kevin Costner 1991 Prince of Thieves which is the only RH movie I can remember or from the other men in tights or the 1938 Errol Flynn which critics considered as the all time best.  This one differs a lot, the movie ends where the rest begins; on how the legend was outlawed, the characters Maid Marian to Little John to his Merry Men were also approached differently and if you’re expecting a Gladiator or Kingdom of Heaven fascination this one is more lighter, more simpler as it slowly builds climax to the finale beach war against the invading French which felt like the Saving Private Ryan’s Normandy invasion scene.  Another change is the character from Longstride to Locksley, from a common soldier role playing as a knight.   All in all the movie hits  the bulls-eye (for me) and was way much better than the egotistic Tony Stark.


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