Clash of the Titans

Rolling Stone’s film critic Peter Travers calls it a sham (1 of 4 stars) and I have to agree (just) a bit, seems to me the new version is mile apart from the 1981 original fantasy, the advantage is that it’s FX tweaked and the excellent production design but the storyline is so dreary and audience might have difficulty in connecting with demigod Perseus (Worthington), in fact, the original was much better in terms of narrative and were unable to upstage Ray Harryhausen’s equally superb visual effects in the early 80s sans new technology.  This Louis Leterrier update is a bravado infused revenge driven flick, and it felt more like a sequel to Brad Pitt’s 2004 epic Troy (men in hair extensions), nevertheless, the film is worth watching if you’re into hack and slash but I would recommend watching first the original in DVD and spot the difference later.   Still, no doubt that the film box office will be a colossal draw because 2010 is undoubtedly the year of sword and sandal, just don’t go for the 3D bait; the P110.00 box office is amazing enough since the film was originally made for a 2D release.


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