Most people would opt for beach or pool over the weekend; as holy week been converted to family and friendly bonding sans reflection for most Christians nowadays.  For home bodied sofa spud with no extra resources DVDs, adult swim and cable movies are good enough.  Epic old films such as the Ten Commandments, Ben-Hur, King of Kings, El Cid, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Jesus of Nazareth are perhaps all-time favorites during Lent.  I suggest take a break from classic old films; I would recommend fresh substitutes from our friendly piratas:

Holy Wednesday – Murder in the First (1995)
Story of a petty criminal (Kevin Bacon) his unjust suffering from the justice system co-starring Christian Slater as a young law graduate James Stamphill who represented Henry Young in his case against Alcatraz.

Maundy Thursday – The Stoning of Soraya M. (2008)
The opening quote lucidly tells about the film “Don’t act like the hypocrite, who thinks he can conceal his wiles while loudly quoting the Koran.” A haunting drama film set in an Iranian village where a dedicated brave young wife (Mozhan Marnó) was falsely accused of adultery by his scheming evil husband.  Tied, buried waist deep and stoned to death by the villagers and the exposure of inhumanity under the Sharia Law.

Good Friday – The Passion of Christ (2003)
The controversial Mel Gibson’s depiction of Jesus Christ’s last hours on earth, from his arrest, trial, torture, crucifixion and resurrection more common to Christians as The Passion.  Most of us have seen this and it’s worth an encore.  Christ’s (Jim Caviezel) suffering alone is enough to give you a head thump.

Black Saturday – Apocalypto (2006)
Another Mel Gibson triumph. Apocalypto is the journey of a Mesoamerican tribesman Jaguar Paw (Rudy Youngblood) escape from being a human sacrifice during the fall of Mayan civilization and the rescue of his family.

Easter Sunday – Something the Lord Made (2004)
Feel good movie made for TV/Cable a biopic of Vivien Thomas (Mos Def) and his complex relationship with a white surgeon Alfred Blalock (Alan Rickman) in their search for the cure of the Blue Baby Syndrome.  AFI’s best TV movie of 2004 is worth your time on Easter.

  1. vanhalenfan said:

    Saen kanagbabakal kaining magagayun na DVD? please provide a guide so I can check it out. Thanks!

    • Igwa diyan sa laog kan Robertson Mall (Diversion), mapili ka lang ta minsan dae man gabos worth buying.
      P.S. Above movies were based on true stories.

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