Now Showing 3D

By far I have only seen two 3D films and it’s in the 80s (Coming at Ya! and Friday the 13th Part III) and I can’t even remember the visual experience but now with IMAX your eyes can feast 24/7 if you have the dough and willing to travel 300 kilometers.  Months ago I was hoping Avatar would be in 3D at SM Digital Theatre; Pandora would have been one majestical ride, but last week it finally landed via Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.  Hell yeahh!  I never got to see though because I arrived (30 minutes) late and you have to wait for the next run … my virtue when it comes to waiting totally sucks.

Surprise! Surprise! DreamWorks Animation “How to Train Your Dragon” has premiered at SM Cinema 3 in 3D and I was the first in this city of 160-thousand people to watch (literally owning the cinema) it in 3D goggles at P 250.00 and free Coke.  Asia and Russia will get the two weeks advance wide screening from North American release but people here do not know because not a single media hype nor trailer on TV.

The plot is simple, it’s for children, I have not read any of the 10 books but I would surmise the film is a compilation of Cressida Cowell‘s Hiccup series, it’s the story of the geeky Viking named Hiccup (Baruchel), the only son of Stoick the Vast (Butler), the brawny Viking chief of Berk Island whose son would befriend the scariest of all Dragons known to the Viking land, the firebomb spitting dragon named Toothless (scary huh?).  Hiccup character is your typical loser — brainy, talkie and coward everyone dislikes but would later triumphed as the kingdom’s hero, capturing the most beautiful babe Astrid (Ferrera) heart, together with his dragon defeated the nastiest giant queen Dragon (and losing his left leg in the battle).

Technically it’s in awesome 3Dness and the kids would luv it (and the kid in us too)!  So don’t expect for an intelligent story line. This one is up for grab kids!  Just go, get dressed, have Dad buy some popcorn, don’t forget the goggle!


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