Hachiko: A Dog’s Story

There have been oodles of movie on man’s best friend; I can only remember Benji, Beethoven, 101 Dalmatians, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, and Lassie.

Academy award nominee Director Lasse Hallström and Sony Pictures Entertainment put a modern adaptation of Hachikō: A Dog’s Story,  a film straight to DVD released in the US this month (March 9) but have been released on theaters in other territories in 2009, the drama knocks on human soul; it’s a moving film for the beady eyed as I sensed my wife tears poured last night and whatever canine you have at home chances are you’ll value him more after this and yeahh I as teary eyed too.

The movie is based on a real Akita in the 1930’s Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan and an American remake of 1987 Japanese Hachikō Monogatari.  The real Hachikō bronze statue sits outside the Shibuya Complex and has an exit named after him.  The film is all about the unwavering loyalty and love of Hachi, as he waits daily to greet his caring master(Gere) at the train station, after suffering a stroke and died at the university he never returned home but Hachi waited for him every day, same time, same place for over a decade and touches the lives of many at the station up to his death at the very same spot where he sat, waiting fro his master. The movie was cleverly centered on the relationship of the owner and his pet that is why it’s quite hard not to get melodramatic. Slow paced yet it’s a very good film.


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