Joshua Clottey’s peek-a-boo defense just made him the punching bag of the day, but at the end he did manage to escape unscathed, no sands spilled of what is hailed as the “The Event”.  I don’t think the 32-year old Ghanaian would mind losing to the best pound-for-pound in the world when he’s a guaranteed USD1.25M, his biggest and perhaps last megabucks purse.  The fight was indeed on the verge of boredom if you’re watching it on free TV smacked right in the middle of commercials of the hour late GMA 7 telecast with ANC round-by-round live update.

Snooze every 5 minutes.

That’s what I did in a scorching hot Sunday afternoon with great expectations given Clottey’s chiseled physique and natural welterweight.  He did hurt Manny with his clean spurt punches off Pacquiao’s never-ending barrage, a welt under his right eye was obvious. But defense alone will not win you fight as most boxing afficionados says that Clottey was in survival mode all throughout avoiding the wicked left that could deck him anytime. It was a Pacquaio show — aggressiveness, speed and ringmanship just can wait for Kentucky Floyd Chicken rant in coming days.  Heck! Pacquiao’s highly commercialized boxing short was even more interesting than the fight just imagining how much it (the short) earns could be a real jaw dropper. (Photo from Getty Images)

  1. vanhalenfan said:

    It was really BORING! I can’t stand it. Kaya Tinurugan ko na sana. Nagdelihensiya lang si Clottey! but there are no more promoters who will get him for his next bout.

    • Iyo ngani, maski siisay an haputon ko iyo an reaksyon. Dae bale USD 12M richer na naman si Pac-man!

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