As 2009 closes two more films I am eagerly waiting to premiere at SM Cinema, first would be Guy Ritchie’s version of “Sherlock Holmes” and secondly Peter Jackson’s “The Lovely Bones” before proceeding to my own version of the year best films.  Just jumped-off  from James Cameron’s megabucks-movie Avatar; despite a worn out plot the visual magnificence summed up the entire two-hour plus experience.  The details of Pandora’s lush wildlife was picturesque, blue skinned Na’vi tribe in revolutionary 3D motion-capture, the technical aspects of the film was worth the money!  … a second trip at the box-office in sked tagging friends this time | critics review here |  and have not been to an IMAX theatre just yet (300+ kilometers from where I live) as recommended to be truly appreciative of the film.  It was absolutely HD heaven even on a 2D.  Tagged by critics as a revolutionary film.  But has it live up to the expectations? Hooyah!

  1. auggie said:

    Pagduman ko sa SM Cinema, 6:15 PM, December 24th, dai na ako pigpabacalan ki ticket, ta masara na daa an SM . Malas talaga. Do you think there is a re-run?

  2. May re-run po iyan, nag-bwelo lang garo para sa MMFF right after the New Year balik na an regular showing. Belated Christmas and Happy New Year po sa familia.

  3. auggie said:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR GREETINGS, man sa imo Ansel!
    Igwa na bagang Dexter Season 4 akong nahiling sa mga pirata…

  4. auggie said:

    Finally saw AVATAR, on its return engagement at SM Naga. It’s pure EYE CANDY ! but Cameron managed to deliver his message too, Anti-Imperialist, Neo-Pagan, Pro Environment, Anti-technology.

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