Nothing But The Truth

Nothing but the Truth is one of those intelligent films that never get to see a theatre run, release on DVD only this year, the political drama edifies how government conceal its mess and bangs a sledge hammer in your front door if you dare whack his shell.  We’ve seen such local scenarios like the ZTE Broadband Deal as whistle blowers became flavor of the month and just like the weather, they’re gone and forgotten.  The movie was inspired by real life events of journalist Judith Miller and CIA operative Valerie Plame.

In the movie, Kate Beckinsale (Rachel Armstrong) plays a D.C. reporter whose Pulitzer winning  article made her life into a living hell when she exposes CIA dirty secrets, she rot in jail for weeks, months and years for not exposing her source (which turn-out to be the CIA operative preschooler child) even pleaded her case to the Supreme Court only to be denied.  Vera Farmiga, Matt Dillon, Noah Wylie put up quite an impressive cast but it was Alan Alda who stole the show.  The movie made a clear point that sometimes truth kills, a gallantry in vain and its injustices, a deed Armstrong would regret.

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  1. melandria said:

    I do like this movie. It’s sad that this is the reality that we have to face. I would highly recommend this one!

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