Face off

Grumble, grumble, here I go again.

Recent survey indicates that 6 of 10 Pinoys are clueless with the 2010 automation poll.  Wrong survey!  Response would have been overwhelming if we ask the right question, like who’s next to be ousted in PBB.  These 2 media giants feed viewers with lots of nonsense tele-novelas and we love it.  We’re like the prawns in the film District 6, addicted to cat food.  Jeez!

Gibo Teodoro as expected was brilliant at the playing field during the recent ANC “Harapan” forum.  Noynoy was okay.  Too early to have a choice though, this is just round one.  Likewise, everyone played safe on the RH bill by ducking the issue saying that the puffed-up population is not the cause why this country is so poor. Corruption?  Yes!  Population? No.  Blow me!

Thanks to President Erap, the forum was light and cozy and as the Joker says, why so serious! Seriously, would you still vote for him?

My friend Auggie will finally rejoice.  The Gordon-Fernando last minute let’s bolt-in was an absolute stunner as both have solid track records and grassroots feel in terms of local governance, but my wife is hesitant, she said she is staring at two dictators.  This could be the fix we need, to remove the bug — iron hands to sweep cobwebs in our thick skull and push people at the right door, if needed.

From President to Representative? Or maybe a Prime Minister.  The belly of the beast is still half-empty.  The tagline which says “You don’t have to be in power to be empowered” is wrong.  She will win by a landslide, no doubt.  We really deserve each other, we’re stuck together.  A peso for you, millions for me.

Finally, after 12 days, the court ordered the military command to search the Ampatuans premises in Maguindanao.  No idiot would have kept any proof; every bit of evidence would have vanished by now!  We’re left with people’s testimonial, which, historically changes by the day depends upon who offers the most luscious dish in the house.  Too late the heroes I say for the 57 massacre victims considered as the single deadliest event for journalists in history.

  1. auggie said:

    The Gordon-Fernando tandem maybe our last hope for redemption. And I don’t care if they become dictators as long as they can transform the country as the next Singapore.There is a price for everything and I am willing to pay that price to give relief to millions of impoverished Filipinos who had been hoodwinked by trapo politicians for generations.

  2. I agree, but is our constituency ready? Sad to say majority (of us) adores these trapo, the spoils system, and the political machinery. Magayon kuta kun an gobyerno na magpondo kan mga campaigns para on equal footing an gabos na kandidato.

  3. auggie said:

    In terms of financial clout, i have heard the Gordon team can go toe-to-toe with Villar, having Manny Pangilinan as bank-roller.

    Why are they avoiding the RH Bill? the gutsy candidate should grab the bull by the horns and explain that OVERPOPULATION results in MASS POVERTY and the church cannot do anything about it. Corruption just exacerbates poverty, but the main cause is too many mouths to feed, cloth, educate etc. from the cradle to the grave…..

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