Glorious scent

I stumbled upon this product online while searching for some men weird stuff over the web.  A catchy article title that says Germans are exporting its ladies one drop at a time!  It’s a product that needs no introduction as the name is as direct.   It’s called Vulva Original, it’s a pheromone; a scented product with a vaginal odor that is specifically described as not being a perfume.  A mojo for the erotic mind, the precious vaginal odor filled into a small glass phial. The phial is shaken gently, only a tiny amount of this organic substance is applied onto the back of the hand and the irresistible smell that exudes from a sensuous vagina immediately intensifies your erotic fantasies.  A fragrant you can enjoy and breathe in anytime and anywhere.

Product warning includes keep away from children and not suitable for ages below 18.  But if the Germans tops the survey in the world’s worst lover largely for their smell, one would ask — whose vulva does this smell like?  Also, don’t be surprised if the new brand for women pops out appositely labeled as Scent of a Cock!


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