RA 9716


The approval of RA 9716 is a clear proof how allies in Congress and Senate can be so calculating if they intend to.  Kun arog lang baga sinda kaini sa mga importanteng leyes naka-bitin pa sagcod ngonian.  At last, after its titillating blitz Camarines Sur now has five districts to better service its constituents via reapportioning District 1.  Will this push make their towns progressive?  Oh why do I have such doubts!

Whatever the ulterior reason was, please do not blame me for doubting these honorables, yes, they get a new funding to serve best constituents (pork barrel spending is the sensible approach to service people and measure our district representative).  But in the end it was to satisfy an ally, the budget czar and the president’s son and our Joker made all the right moves.   In your face sham!


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