Temporary Fix

Rather than proposing September (rainy season) as the new school season opener which, by the way, SUCKS and getting rid of mid-year break which again sucks, can DepEd come up with something shrewd?  Anyone?

The IDEA of supplementing the classroom issue of teacher-student ratio may not have a solution in a ballooning population like ours where rising (budget) deficits, infrastructure shortage, and hazy standards is such an issue even DepEd does not have a long term fix.  With too many students how can we augment the quality of education where current teacher roster cannot suffice the needed attention in a constricted classroom — as in one on one?

I wish that you—you personally and every creative individual and organization you know—will find a way to directly engage with a public school in your area, and that you’ll then tell the story of how you got involved, so that within a year we have 1,000 examples of innovative public-private partnerships — Dave Eggers

One wild solution Mr. Eggers did was to involve willing individuals and organizations in the US despite a more copious setting than ours.  The same approach can be replicated in ‘Pinas especially after Ondoy and Pepeng mayhem where school kids have no classroom to return to in the next few months or so.  Has this idea been done here?

Why not involve LOCALS (e.g. Municipio/Kapitolyo/Cityhall,  Barangay Offices, NGOS, etc.) as spare time teachers where a single individual or  team of  employees (during lean hours we see them puff cigarettes, insignificant chitchat, or dressed in their sleepy head) can contribute for something.  Picture this, say, on a Thursday and Friday.  What if they are given 1 or 2 grade schooler, at least 1 hour, 2 times a week for a tutorial task inside their working time and area?  Consider it as workload, it may not be much but one hour of good education can count for something than a 40-plus classroom, more so, it will enhance teaching skills which is innate in all of us.

Dave Eggers TED video:  http://www.ted.com/talks/dave_eggers_makes_his_ted_prize_wish_once_upon_a_school.html | Website: http://onceuponaschool.org/

  1. auggie said:

    To circumvent the problem, SIMPLIFY THE CURICCULUM. Because of the humongous numbers of students/pupils to be educated, it would be impossible to educate them all with all those subjects. It would take several Manhours. But if the department just concentrate on the 3Rs, more would benefit. READING, WRITING,ARTHMETIC.
    These are not normal times, radical ideas are needed to meet the problem head-on….

    • Kids nowaday knows too little, too much. Subjects taught in High School then are now being introduced in elementary. Pag-abot naman high school su pang college na. Nawawara na an mastery sa subject ta marikas na marhay an pacing. Pano na palan su mga slow learner population kan mga estudyante? Dapat talaga and I agree an reading, writing and basic arithmetic iyo an dapat tutukan ta dae man ini gabos magigin scientist pag nag-introduce ka na nin calculus — an luluwasan kaini jack of all trades, master of none.

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