Froggy Tunes


If you’re at Avenue Square along Magsaysay  it’s hard to miss the  froggy scene above  either  you’re sipping a cappuccino  or chugging SMB, it’s the season of the frogs, croak will get louder and louder as the poll nears  2010  and be ready for a frog calling.  The Three Palaka  just  like the movie  comes with a tagline “ Solidarity and cooperation for the progress of Camarines Sur”.  The frog prince d’Artagnan and two old timers Arthos and Porthos with their powered hind legs that can leap from lily to lily in the pond of politics.   While Aramis from the pond of Partido is not a a friendly but the drama season is just beginning.

The father of HR1109 flanked by his loyal legions preaching progress and solidarity as if Naguenos are dimwit and clueless.  Just like the Daniel Day Lewis film he is the last of Mohicans and he’s desperately seeking a seat in the sea full of (f)lies.


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