Dazed and confused

After 8 years, I feel defeated thinking about the current I.T. scenario in my beloved workplace.  Millions spent in an attempt to make work easier, improve efficiency, empower workers but lurking behind is a glitch that may backfire anytime.  At this time we’re traveling in an I.T. gridlock and the next phase will leads [us] to a more difficult route.  This is what faces my office setting up the fitting I.T. environment where users are empowered and I.T. costs are well managed.   Controlled chaos if you’ll ask me to illustrate it — it’s not going to get any better and temporary fix and tweak could be a recipe for destruction.  It’s really [really] difficult when you do not have a policy that should been infused into the system years prior to all I.T. facilities were procured especially after almost two decades without a black and white procedure.

Yes!  I am ranting [big time] if things do not change I might as well request for transfer to another unit where I can efficiently contribute.  My boss will need more than a pitch to the executive level and make sure [users] go by.

First, we should start with an I.T.  Policy.  The absence of it renders an I.T. office or the entire organization rather ineffective, inconsistent, and waste resources.  Without any guiding principle every user can insist on their issue as decision may differ from every level within the organization.  Why?  Simple, it will serve as guide and policy will empower all users to know what is allowed, what is best, and what they must contribute.  Computers, information systems, and internet are very productive tool if used appropriately.  I.T.  without a doubt is a [high] cost center; you’ll probably see big expenditures and its accruing benefits are indirectly related to it.  But to protect these investments recurring costs needs to be maintained such as software, anti-virus, licenses, and the right people.  Indeed, it is too costly and you would rather spend it for social services.

Second, an I.T. Plan is self explanatory and a necessity.  If we do not have a rock-solid I.T. direction then every time a new chief executive or IT Head arrives may lean into a new different course or a complete 360 that can get us stacked and never move at all.  My Local Chief Executive is an I.T. champion you just need to prove it in a cost-effective approach.  What’s wrong people!

Two plans that could really spell a difference in making every working lives bit easier and results predictable in coming years.  Or is too late for the Naga City I.T. Road Map for 2015.


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