Timbangin Natin!

Fellow Bicolano and former celeb Jaime Garchitorena made a valid point to what we need for politicians (or anyone for that matter) today, it was a simple suggestion; he demanded that we should be able validate what these politicos accomplished for the last decade before we renew their position. This came about on a discussion with Che Che Lazaro over ANCs Media in Focus.  Who are they?  Their advocacy on environment, good governance, empowerment, etc. etc., we need to have a system that will measure and not just take their word for it … lip service.

One example, if Sen. Loren Legarda has been advocating for environment for last so-so years we need a system that measures her effort.  Where has she gone so far?  What is the state of our environment with her policy and without her policy; we could even include private groups and NGOs that are campaigning for it.  Are Filipinos at least empowered or conscious with the way they dispose garbage, patronize non biodegradable, made action or participate to put a halt in our worsening environmental issues?  Or has it yielded positive results?

These may sound so boring or government would say we have already a system in place for it.  And if there is, do we really benefit from it?    We cannot not just spend, campaign, and implement without really quantifying the impact. Results need to be seen, people have to absorb, and to know if they have regressed or moving forward or exerting an effort with no continuity.   If there is such a method perhaps the 1974 film of late Lino Brocka (another Bicolano) may have sum it — Tinimbang ka ngunit kulang.

EIU has just released its survey for the easiest city to live in and again Manila is at bottom rankings (109th) while most cities in Canada are at the top spot i.e. Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary.  It’s no wonder why Pinoys now see Canada as the new land of opportunity than USA.

In other EIU data in terms of E-readiness Ranking the last 3 years we are consistent at 55th spot in the group of 70 nations, while in the 2005 Quality of Life Index we are at par with Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Slovakia in survey dominated by European nations.

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  1. auggie said:

    There are actually just TWO PRESIDENTIABLES, whose TRACK RECORDS are quantifiable. RICHARD GORDON and BAYANI FERNANDO. Olongapo City and Marikina City respectively. The rest is just all talk, sound bytes, pogi points, and empty promises, in short, TALK IS CHEAP. What we need is proof or samples of accomplishments that has change peoples lives for the better.

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