Pac-man Power

The image tells it all … the man is all the place from Ring Magazine’s Pound for Pound King to Time’s 100 World’s Most Influential People. 2008 is Manny Pacquiao’s best year ever. Recently Forbes released its 2009 Celebrity 100, he’s at 57 in power rankings, the only Asian in the list, and with estimated earnings of US$ 40M (or a jaw dropping PhP 1.9B).  He’s in the league with LeBron James, David Beckham, and Michael Jordan.  Immense popularity and ridiculous sum of money is a lethal combination; nowadays money and power makes a man.

One indication perhaps is building a new mansion in Saranggani where he’ll run for local post win or lose in 2010.  Who knows maybe he can deliver a knockout and really change the Philippine politics.  He’s young; a lot of good years to prepare and develop his political roadmap if he’s so eager with public position since you cannot run for president under 45.  All he need besides his genuine dedication to serve are good advisers who like Manny are willing to change and bear sacrifices whatever it may be.  Not like the brotherhood he has now.  An entourage of gamblers who profits from his fights and lure him to bad politics.  Some early sign is losing millions to cockfights (rumors he lost quite an amount during a local derby here in Cam Sur with Chavit Singson). Chicken feed anyway!  If you have so much wealth you cannot even imagine how to spend it — the easiest route is to indulge your vices. Anong paki ko, it’s not my money anyway, inggitero!


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