Con-Ass my ass!   The conclusion was like watching tagalog film or telenovelas  — recycled plot and a very predictable one, in the end, the House of Tongressman is all about numbers no matter how intelligent these mammalias are it is transparently clear that they’re hooked with power, permanent interests, and blind obedience rather than genuine public service.  And as the pork barrel keeps it lid off corrupt officials are boy scouts, ever ready to catch it.  Likewise nauseating are oppositions who themselves cannot unite in action but would rather express it in a replays of 5-minute objections, but then again it’s a number game, as in majority rules!

While the House was in session for HR 1109 my district representative, Congressman Villafuerte was at ANC with Ricky Carandang all calm.   But what was intriguing to me was it felt like déjà vu when he said he’s opposed the Partido Lakas Kampi merger since 2005 … will he leap frog to another yard or create a new party?  History tells me that he has a political sixth sense, he can foretell winner in an election.  From the Marcos era ‘til now; he may have the best career among active politicians.  Best example was the Estrada’s scandal on how fast he shifted behind PGMA.

BTW, he’ all calm since the voting were done prior the session and of four Camarines Sur representative only Noli Fuentebella did not seal the deal.  How I wonder if we are really ready and wide awake come 2010.

FYI Luxo is the lamp in Pixar Animation who luvs to jump … and that’s my district rep.


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