Happy Birthday


I was pretty much impressed the way street artist Shepard Fairey’s designed Barrack Obama’s campaign poster, the stenciled effect and retro feel pretty much carried the whole campaign, though the design was  a recycled concept it was indeed a very effective visuals and even sold out  online.  It came to me as a choice in preparing a gift for Mayor Jesse Robredo, at first I was planning of a caricature, I made (two) sketch variations but my critic (mi esposa) said that I could not get the perfect roughs; that it does not justify him so I decided to dumped the whole drawing idea and push  for an Obama-like poster.  Finding the perfect picture pose was another problem but I had just the best alternative image which I used on a banner design for the National PRISAA Games.  Done few hours in Photoshop and had it framed as our office gift for his 50th birthday today,  27 May 2009, it may not be as good as the Obama poster but I believe I was able to came up with my own version and I just hope it gave a smile on his birthday.

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  1. auggie said:

    Very nice Foto/Poster done reminiscent of the works of Richard Avedon ( The Beatles in Look Magazine) and Andy Warhol( Mariln Monroe, Mick Jagger, Che Guevarra etc.) Uragon ka boy sa FotoShop !


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