New Religion

Media is a religion now; the recent Kho-Halili sex scandal only affirms how they can stir people’s direction more successfully than any other form.  It shows the declining hold of our 400 year old faith built in sweat and blood by our founding fathers whereas media can do it in a series of season.   It clearly illustrate as well the decaying morals in humanity, thirty or forty years ago movie personalities was a highly respectable job even for local bomba queens Divina Valencia and Stella Suarez.  Today, all you need is beauty and body to get into the business from there press+media and cosmetic science will take over.

Information is a virus, it has spilled over from ages five to ninety-five especially if you have internet access, censorship is impossible because kids today are literally tech savvy – they’ll take backdoor access and gadgets are becoming well within means.  Our own culture has been overrun by other pop culture we extremely worship yet we neither have their power nor wealth.  This generation is so hooked with what media feeds that it temporarily makes them numb yet wide awake, it even sedates hunger, pain, and stress … like a zombie.

  1. auggie said:

    Media as the new opium of the Masses ? it used to be religion, LOL ! but yes, new technologies in media can lull the masses into apathy. Just witness the clout of these two warring TV networks, it’s awesome. They can shape & create a candidate to be foisted on the masses ( Noli de Castro as a creation of the Lopezes to served their interests and soon Willy Revillame, not to mention Corina Sanchez). That’s why it’s imperative to raise critical thinking children. Instead of too much TV and internet and Games, let’s start them on reading books. Emphasize Reading & Comprehension in the lower Grades. The new media is here and we can’t do nothing about them, but we sure can circumvent their uses for the greater good…

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