Yellow Cab Pizza


  1. auggie said:

    Last time I checked ( March), PIZZA HUT, has closed shop and a new BIGGS, was occupying its space. And now YELLOW CAB…. Did you check their prices ? is it more expensive than Pizza Hut ?

    • Haven’t tried it yet, high-end pizza shop po garo ini saka na pag may sobrang dinero na:) FYI lang po, ang ground floor kan SM Naga puros kakanan. Nagbalik an Pizza Hut digdi plus new joints like Mang Inasal, Reyes Barbecue, and the popular food court. Grabe talaga an siyudadanos ta, garo puros foodie an tao digdi.

  2. auggie said:

    Pizza Hut, Yellow Cab, Shakeys, ano pa ? igwa na ki Dominos ? how about Sbarro’s ? Mang Inasal is an Iloilo-based franchise, so Deco’s and Ted’s La Paz Batchoy are probably there too ? still, give me Baduya and Kinalingking anytime……

    How about the bookstores ? other than National and Booksale, ano pa ? igwa ki PowerBooks sagkod FullyBook ?

    What happens now to LCC and Robertson’s ( National highway) ? masara sinda ? can they compete with a giant ?

    • Igwa nin National Book Store
      An yaon sa SM (ground floor) mostly locals may mga bago man (full list here)
      4 SM Cinema (just watched Star Trek at P100) equipped with Dolby and DTS
      Could put an end to Bicharas’ iconic movie houses .. art cinema would be the choice to compete
      Will definitely hurt LCC and Robertson … LCC would become best option for buyers
      Robertson as I see it would probably close down its Diversion operation and focus on Old CBD unit

  3. auggie said:

    100 Bucks for a movie ? I definitely cannot afford it ! I’ll just settle for those boot-leg DVDs, yes, but it’s nice to try it once.

    Siguro the Robertson Diversion will just cater to the biyaheros of the first class buses plying the South Road going to Manila and vice-versa. Only the restaurant/Diner siguro would remain.

    Bichara has to reinvent his moviehouses to survive the juggernaut of the giant.

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