Too fast, too vicious, would be my description of the Pacquaio-Hatton MGM fight yesterday, 05|03|09, for an onlooker who knew little too much of boxing and its lingo.  Much have been written and said about the fight but for a natural boxer like Manny Pacquiao — who’s nearly perfected his craft; now considered as a boxing genius with ginormous faith in God, an exceptional work ethic, and a phenomenal old-school guru in Freddie Roach just concluded another day at the office raking home US$ 12M+++ paycheck.  Not only he’s became a complete two-fisted fighter and he’s the new boxing draw after the Golden Boy.

According boxing columnist Ronnie Nathanielz  it was conditioning coach Alex Ariza pylometrics who may have been the real architect in his blinding speed and accuracy and a mutant-like strength.  It did show.

Nobody expected a quick two round slugfest, at least for a bull like Ricky Hatton whose toughness and street antics lucidifies his previous foes, the Manchester pride was simply outclassed and these time it was not a fluke.  The  HBOs 24/7 prefight documentary greatly enunciated Manny Pacquaio humbleness despite the noticeable large entourage for a boxer (more like a  gangster feel to me).  I also noticed the facial frown when he was announced hailing  from Saranggani Province (or was it just an act?) whom he’s rumored will run for congress come 2010.

But the fight coverage sucks after all the network feud on live telecast right!  For people who cannot afford the pay-per-view or the quite costly cinema price will have to make tiyaga of what is available on free TV for someone we consired a  new hero, the “pambansang kamao” who doesn’t fight everyday.  TV network and advertisers could have given it to the Filipinos ads-free.  They can always recoup it on other regular primetime slots. As early as 12:20PM ANC was already headlining the result, interviews made, spot reports splattered all over my TV screen(and even on CNN) but GMA 7 who was supposed to be the Philippines official provider was only showing (by then) undercard fights.  Sucks for a two-round fight!  It was only after two hours I got to watch the main event for eye candy, I waited, but it was so sickening because the TV ads marathon was all I could remember.  The network knew already the fight lasted only two rounds and has to compensate advertisers (and gain more ) that is why viewers were pounded with twelve round of ads for a two round fight by showing the fight 2X, there wasn’t even an expert panel for pre/post fight analysis.  Even more, a nerve to plug a flash report (after two hours!!!) was so revolting!  In times like these you would ask if kapuso is simply just a business tag and does not really mean anything.

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  1. auggie said:

    So what else is new ? as I said before, these two giant warring TV networks are the main culprits in the continuing idiotization of the Filipinos.

    PacMan is the greatest ? I think it’s too premature to say that, the jury is still out, one of the greatest, yes….

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