Every year we treat all souls day like an ordinary day, that is, early morning stride to kamposanto, a modest offering my wife prepared a night before and few minutes of unspoken prayer for our dearly departed (my father-in-law and grandparents), a few hours of chit-chat with pinsan and we’re all ready to padyak back home. This year, one scenario that remained for a nitwit like me were the mysterious disappearance of steel grills and gates protecting the nichos. Grabeng mga parahabon ini, mayo nag respeto sa mga gadan! After more than 40 years of corroded existence steel were carefully sawed off and most likely sold to local junkshops. Obviously this modus operandi has been so successful for the last 12 months. A sudden demand for rusted steel or just these kawatans does not choose anymore to fill an empty stomach anything will suffice.

On TV, undas was generally peaceful according to PNP but don’t say that to the street sweepers for them it was a horrendous sight, in Metro Manila alone; the 50+ hectares cemetery was gagged with tons of garbage which could last a week clean-up. This is a very clear message of our society now … some (if not most) really don’t give a crap of their action!

Our departed dear ones must have on ultra bliss seeing the living having fun  and sharing life’s journey but must have been fuming with disgust in little less than a day because of rubbish pile left behind.

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  1. auggie said:

    It’s time Naga City has its own CREMATORIUM, less expense,curtailed messiness, and less hassle among the living. Can you bring this up at City Hall ?

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