Hello Cuil!

If it’s out there, Cuil will find it for you!”

Former Google alums Tom Costello, Anna Patterson and Russell Power help developed cuil.com (pronounced as cool; an old Irish word for knowledge), a new search engine about to challenge Google dominance.  Cuil claims they have more web pages index (120 billion) and searches more pages on the Web than anyone else – three time as many as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft.

Done myself test search – the interface bit impressive as some photos are embedded at results but definitely surfers will find it bit thin vis-a-vis Google’s simple and direct navigation yet definitive results.  Google has welcome the competition to continue better their service but Cuil has yet to introduce what made Google a standout ie., image, group, video, blogs, Gmail etc..

After search testing Cuil is good but not great and will remain as an alternative search engine.  Was it worth the effort?  Making it big (fame and fortune) is want we’re in for anyway!


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