Yesterday I affixed my signature on the proposed bill by Cong. Bernardo F. Piñol Jr. (2D, North Cotabato) attempt to reduce 10 years of service for all government employees with a compulsory retirement age of 55 years and an optional retirement age of 50 years. House Bill 3032 despite pending with the committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation chaired by Cong. Raul T. Gonzales Jr. (LD, Iloilo) would be safe to write that it will save billions for the government in terms of personnel services funding. HB3032 was filed last 11-07-2007.

I believe the campaign was aimed nationwide to generate buzz among government workers and personally I welcome such move and don’t see fellow civil servants disagreeing as long as retirement benefits are in order. What I would like to see yapping is GSIS Winston Garcia’s take on the issue after personally meddling with MERALCO affairs (thanks to media shift on Sulpicio Lines and Typhoon Frank). If GSIS records are still messed up this HB would be dropping a sledgehammer at their head but I’m pretty sure GSIS members would end-up bleeding.

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  1. auggie said:

    Yes, and I hope the billions of savings generated should trickle back to the retired senior citizens in terms of benefits like : a 50 percent discount on movies at SM Naga City Mall, free medical check-ups, 50 percent discounts on maintenance drugs and geriatric medicines, 50 percent discount on hospital bills during confinement and doctors fee, 50 percent discounts on airfare, boat fare, bus fare,taxi fare. Fifty percent discounts on restaurants, fast-foods and other eateries. Discounts on groceries and other fare. Free burial/cremation

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