Journey: Revelation

Revelation is finally out!  According to Wal-Mart Journey’s latest 3-disc set album has sold 104,000 copies in its debut week, their biggest since 1996 (Trial By Fire). In the Billboard Top 100 album it’s sitting at No. 6 and No.1 on the independent and pop charts. There’s something to be orgullo here for the voice behind the rock band is You Tube phenom Filipino singer-songwriter Arnel Pineda, if you do not know him yet here 1 2 3. According to the website New York Times hailed: “…the band seems to have taken rock vitamins: it feels alive.”

Had listened 9 (of 11) new tracks and if you’re a hardcore it’s the ultimate fan collection. Pineda’s vocals has resonated Steve Perry’s soaring tenor though Perry’s voice is unique and no one can replace him — but Pineda’s voice will get you 80s nostalgic again somehow, I was looking for rock ballads which they found fame for … of  the 11 brand-new tracks my personal favorite were After All These Years, Like A Sunflower, Never Walk Away and Faith in the Heartland.


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