What’s in a name? If you’re familiar with them then you belong to the lucky ones who’ve witnessed Philippine komiks during its glory days but if not then you’ve missed a lot, these are just few signatures of (my) most admired pencillers/inkers. Growing up reading at the pasillo of the supermarket is worth cherishing during the martial law era. Some of them are I hope still kicking well as they will linger in my noggin ’till dementia. From the popular Mar T. Santana, Joey and Louie Celerio, Abel Laxamana, Gonzales, Jim Fernandez, Rico Rival, Floro Dery, Tony Henson, Rod Santiago et.al. I will not forget da man, Carlo J. Caparas without his imagination nothing would have been made (I happened to watch a segment dedicated to him and the komiks industry over ANCs Story Line). Komiks immortals such as Flavio, Invinzor, Totoy Bato, Mong, Shanghai Joe, Zuma, Joaquin Bordado, Bakekang, Banaba etc. etc. made me appreciate art deeper despite not being good at it.

How I was wish I could go back in time and pursue fine arts in college, my parents could not afford (even now) sending their kids to Manila and choose preferred courses. I grew on these komiks and even taught myself to draw. Resurrecting the komiks industry now will never be as successful compared to 70s/80s especially how technology changed this generation.  The new breed such as Leinel Yu, Whilce Portacio, Chester Ocampo, Gerry Alanguilan, Francis Manapul, Lan Medina et.al are now respected for their skills outside the Philippines working with DC, Marvel, Top Cow must have been inspired by old great Pinoy pencillers/inkers.

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  1. auggie said:

    Actually, we could dream of a GLOBAL DOMINATION with these young lions in both comics illustrations and animation. All it needs is proper guidance ang organization. I believe the Pinoy has got what it takes to rule the world, maski man sana sa comics…..

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