Best Cover

Still dizzy from previous (work) hangover, above iconic magazine cover of 13-year old Sharbat Gula, famously known as the Afghan girl which Steve McCurrry did for National Geographic in 1985 is my personal best of ASME’s Top 40 magazine covers of the last 40 years. I have this magazine kept-at-home bought from bargained old issues at local bookshop. I also happen to watch McCurry’s fascinating search on a National Geographic special of this girl in 2002.

  1. auggie said:

    Where can we buy old/back issues magazines in Naga ? I tried the second floor of the Saud ( market), and found some gems there cheaply. VANITY FAIR music issues, which you seldom find elsewhere, I saw there. Of course the Booksale outlets at LCC, Robinson’s etc., you will also find ROLLING STONE magz at 61 bucks only. Try to find the 40th anniversary issues of Rolling Stone ( 3 issues) published last year, it’s a collectors item ( blast from the past). I have the first issue of Rolling Stone ( John Lennon cover)when it was still a tabloid format, but I lost it.
    Did you know that National Geographic had a competitor in the 80s? it was called GEO, and instead of the yellow border, it had a light green one. There was also the Bob Guccione sci-fi publication, OMNI, which had plenty of interesting covers. But the real kick-ass covers that I saw were German magazines of the 60s-70s.

    BTW, I have those Esquire magazines mentioned in the top 40 covers, when I was still in college.

  2. For back issues (way way back) the 2nd floor supermarket is still the source, I believe RSR Library has some archived magazines but of course not for sale. I like comics even then I started collecting (by saving my fare allowance and walk errands so that I could buy) but sadly most of them were lost.

  3. auggie said:

    What is this RSR Library ? maybe I will pay it a visit. I lost my massive comics collection in Sorsogon, when i went to Manila for college studies. Plenty of rare issues. Early 50s superheroes like Wonder Woman, PlasticMan, BlakHawk, Hawkman, Batman & the usual gang of DC heroes, Tarzan, Las La Rue, Tom Mix, Hopalong Cassidy, Sheriff of Tombstone, Kid Colt Outlaw, Two -Gun Kid, all the Dell comics TV western tie-ins, Classics illustrated, The World around Us, Early Marvel, Sgt. Rock of Easy Company, The Viking Prince, The Ace Publications: Espesyal. Pilipino, Hiwaga, Tagalog Klasiks, Kenkoy Komiks featuring the masterworks of Coching, Redondo, Alcala, Yandoc, Emil Rodriguez ( fellow Uragon).

    How about the libraries of Santa Isabel, Ateneo, UNC, do they have interesting stuff there ?

  4. It’s the old Naga City Library named to former Senator Raul Roco, now transferred at City Hall with bigger and better building compared to the old centro location and with more book references. Sorry I have not been to USI Library. DC’s Sgt. Rock (with a tommy gun) was my favorite foreign comics character in high school.

  5. auggie said:

    Oh, the new library, adjacent to the City Hall, yes ,I have been there. Very Impressive ! I think I will be spending a lot of time there next year….

    I have saved some Sgt.Rock issues and have them binded. The attraction of course is the art of JOE KUBERT. But there is a better Joe Kubert piece that you must see, ENEMY ACE, a take on Baron Von Richtofen, of World War I, considered to be the Ace of Aces….

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